What is the new PREVENTREL Active Option in /BTI/TE_ACTIVE


We have just upgraded to latest version of ActiveControl, and are wondering what the new PREVENTREL option is in configuration table /BTI/TE_ACTIVE?



This new Active function has been added in response to a few customers wanting to prevent their Developers from being able to release transports via the SAPGUI.

Standard SAP behaviour when using the ONRELEASE active function means  that after populating the Transport Form, a "Release Transport Request?" popup screen will appear. This meant that Developers could inadvertantly release their own transports, even if a customers process was that the Developer should not release transport as it would be automatically released by Transport Expresso after a subsequent Inbox/Outbox approval by somebody else.

Adding the new PREVENTREL active function will prevent this popup screen, and essentially mean that Developers are no longer able to release their transports, even when they have the SAP access to do so.






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