HOW DO I: create a custom field in ActiveControl?



We would like to record/store some additional information in ActiveControl than what is possible with the available out-of-the-box standard fields.

Is it possible to create custom fields in ActiveControl?



It has been possible to create custom fields in ActiveControl since the early days of Transport Expresso.

This can be done by authorised AC Administrators in the Windows GUI configuration screen.

Custom fields can be created at either Business Task or Transport Form level.    (as of AC 7.20, it is not possible to create custom fields at Project level – but there is a development backlog item to add this in the future)

Text fields, Dropdowns, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons can all be created as required.



1) Access the Windows GUI Configuration screen - [Fields] tab.



2) Click "Custom Field" + button to create the new custom field.



3) Create your Custom field as required

[Field Label] = the name of the field that you want to be visible to users on the Business Task or Transport Form

[Type] = whether you want the Custom FIeld to be created at Business Task or Transport Form level.

[Maintenance Status] = whether you want the custom field to be required (ie mandatory) or optional.

[Field Type] = what sort of custom field you want to create. It can be text, dropdown, radio button, checkbox or various others.  The actual setup options will depend on what field type you choose to create.

[Field Tab] = It is possible to add your custom fields to a custom tab at Business Task level. THis is described in seperate FAQ here:




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