Issue: Request cannot be added to the import queue

Issue: Request cannot be added to the import queue. The request will be imported into ‘WME’ at a later time, according to its transport path.

In Active Control/Transport Express, for WRE Transport Path (WDE/WME/WTE), we are not able to locate a few transports, so we are not able to mark the TR as imported OK or errored.

New transports are not getting imported due to the dependent TR's not being present in Active Control/Transport Express.

How can this be resolved?


The icon beside the 'WME' target system means that Active Control/Transport Express thinks the system is offline because, at some point, the application has been unable to connect to it.

While AC thinks 'WME' is offline, it will not be able to read transport logs for it.

To fix this, you need to reset the status of 'WME'.  

From the menu bar, choose View->System and RFC errors

On the next screen, choose the RFC Connection Issues Tab

Find 'WME' on the list of systems, select it, and then tick the "Reset System Status" button on the toolbar.

This should sort out the issue you are having.


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