Why is there a padlock icon showing beside an Import Queue?


We are facing an issue whereby we cannot import transports to a particular target via ActiveControl.

In the Windows GUI, we also see a padlock icon beside the Import Queue.

What is the issue here and how do we mitigate it?




During imports of transports via ActiveControl (both during automated imports using Schedules, or manual imports via the Windows GUI), the import queue is locked at the beginning of the process, and unlocked at the end. This is to prevent simultatneous parallel imports causing sequence issues.

During the time period of the import, a padlock icon is shown beside the Import Queue in the Windows GUI, to reflect an import is currently running. 

In certain rare circumstances, the unlocking might not happen automatically at the end of the import process. In such cases, it is necessary to manually perform the unlock via the Remove import lock button on the 'Import Queue (Advanced)' toolbar in the Windows GUI. 


If you do not see this toolbar, you need to right-click on the ribbon with the Analyse and ShiftLeft buttons on and select "Import Queue (Advanced).

Note that only authorised users have the ability to perform this unlock. The authorisation activity REMOVEIMPORTLOCK needs to be assigned to a user int he Domain Controller to be able to perform this activity.




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