HOW DO I: force sequencing to use first import date/time (after accidental reimport)


We have accidentally reimported some transports to one of our SAP systems, and this has detrimental impact on sequencing within ActiveControl

Is there any way of updating AC so that first import run date/time is used for the transport order calculation?



Backend program /BTI/TE_REVENTS_COFILE_RECON report can be used in the Domain Controller for this purpose.

Via this program, it is possible to update for a specific set of transports.

If you run the report in test mode it will show which import dates/times will change to which new values. The report checks the first and last import date/time from the co file of the transport. If you run without test mode, than you can see the updated import date/time in the transport form  "Transport status and history".


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