Error: "TE Error before Import detected: Target has outstanding errors"


We are experiencing an issue whereby transports are not being imported automatically via AC schedule.

When we look in SM37 in the Domain Controller, we can see the following error against the import job run.

TE Error before Import detected: Target has outstanding errors

What could be the cause of this import error, and how do we mitigate it?



Where we have seen this issue in the past at customers, it has generally been because of a system error in the target where the automated Schedule is attempting to run.

Please check via the Windows GUI to see if there are any system errors (by looking at the Import Queue of that target). If there are any system errors, then look at View > System and RFC errors to troubleshoot and mitigate the root-cause of the system error.

If there are no system errors showing against that Import Queue in the Windows GUI, try to manually import the transport via the Windows GUI. If that works okay, then there may be an issue with the RFC connection between the Domain Controller and the target that you are trying to import to. (you can check this via Tools>Check Configuration, and also via SM59 in the Domain Controller, by testing the connection on the TRANSPORT EXPRESS {SID} destination.





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