Does installation of ActiveControl Windows GUI uninstall/remove old versions of Transport Express GUI?


When you install latest ActiveControl Windows GUI, does it automatically uninstall/remove the previous version of Transport Express / Transport Expresso that you were using?



It depends on what version you were previously using.

For any customers using versions installed with the 'new' (now ~2 years old) installer, the uninstall step happens automatically. This means that anybody upgrading from a version since around Transport Expresso 6.30 should see the old GUI being automatically uninstalled.

For users upgrading from older versions that that, the old version will not be removed. If the old version is too old to automatically uninstall then the installer will state this in an error message.


If should be noted - regardless if the old version gets uninstalled or not - the folder structure is different between older and newer versions of the product:

Old versions of the product used to be installed to C:/Program Files (x86)/Basis Technologies/Transport Expresso

Newer versions of the product are installed in C:/Program Files (x86)/Basis Technologies/ActiveControl


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