Error: 'invalid request' when running /BTI/TE_AUTOCREATE_BTTF


We use ActiveControl's autocreate program (/BTI/TE_AUTOCREATE_BTTF), to autoamtically create Business Tasks and Transport Forms from ChaRM. 

In the last few days, we are facing an error an error in the batch job running the autocreate program: it shows 'invalid request', and Transport Form creation has failed. 

The transport request mentioned in the ChaRM table does exist in the system. 

Why is this issue happening?



This 'invalid_request'  exception can be raised  in below possible cases:

(1) if the Transport request is not transportable / local request 

(2) the trkorr not found in the source system E070 table (BE1) 

(3) the RFC connection to the source system have issue ( Auth or authentication, RFC connection issue)


Where we have seen this at another customer, it was because there was a network issue and the Transport Form could not be created because ActiveControl program was unable to access the files physically. 





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