Where do I get the 'BSP server address' that needs to be added in /BTI/TE_RNOTIFICATION_ENGINE ?


We are in the process of setting up ActiveControl.

Whilst creating our Email Notification Engine variant in /BTI/TE_RNOTIFICATION_ENGINE - we notice there is a need to add a “BSP server address” entry.

Where do we get this information?



The BSP server address can be obtained during one of the other ActiveControl setup steps – activating the services via transaction SICF.

Performing a “Test Service” on sap>bc>bsp>bti>te_bsp_new after you have activated it will result in browser page loading the ActiveControl WebUI.


The first part of the URL (everything up until the ‘/’ before sap) that loads is the BSP Server Address.

So for above URL example – the BSP Server Address is http://te.basistechnologies.net:8020/

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